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Major Types of Hormone and How they Affect Your Body

It is true that your body is build up with several components that makes it easy for you to have a good life. However the very important component is the hormone. The hormones play a better function that makes it easy for you to have a good health. It is a good thing that you have to be sure about the several types of hormones that exist in your body. Then reading this article is a good thing being that it has several types of hormones discussed and how they function in your body.

You should be knowing more about the testosterone hormone at any time of the day that you are talking about the hormones. The best thing is that you need to have such hormone as a man to perform a good function at any time of the day. However it is known as the most notorious hormone in your body that is also produced in the testis. The most important thing about this hormone is that it gives out he best part of giving the man urge of delivering their services. It is also known to be that one that gives the man urge of having the need of mating. Therefore it is important to have a good amount of such hormone in your body is you really need to have the best services as a man to give out your duties in a good way. This is also one reason that will lead you to know the types of food that you need to eat so that you can have it easy for you to have the large amount of testosterone hormone in your body at any time that you may need to increase your urge of performing man duties to your partner.

The other type of hormone is the cortisol hormone which is also known as the stress hormone. It usually being pumped out when your body detect any danger. When it is pumped out it will assist you in getting out of the situation. It is a good thing that you will be doing your daily duties when this type of hormone is produced in a good manner. There is also another thing to be noted being that if your body produces a lot of hormone it will make you lose your weight. This may be a side effect but in general it plays a good role of making it easy for you to have it done the way it was made to be done. Then it is well known that the cortisol hormone is a very important type of hormone in your body.

The other type of hormone is the seratonin hormone. The other name is known as the stabilizer. It assist your moods to detect any change and also have you act as the condition is needed.

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