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Anticipating and planning for risks in the business and environment that we are in right now is something that is very important. Risks are among the things that cause losses to organizations. In order for organizations to be in a position where losses from risks do not affect them as such they need to plan for them One of the ways that organizations ensure that they reduce the impact of risks is by getting insurance policies. Insurance policies are taken so that they can reduce the impact of loss because in the event the risk occurs one is compensated. When one takes an insurance policy they are assured that the loss is minimize because the risk cannot entirely be removed Because the business world has become very dynamic it is important for organizations to be aware of the changes that affect them and adequately plan for them. ,Because so many insurance companies have come up to help businesses deal with the risks, it is important for an organization to get the best insurance company that will give them the services that they require.
They are so many advantages for an organization that gets insurance policies. Among the many benefits is that the organization is assured that it won’t suffer so much loss when the risk assured against happens because they will be compensated. There are so many risks that affect an organization and when some of them occur they may affect the going concern of the organization. When an insurance company compensates an organization that has suffered losses because of the occurrence of risk, the organization is assured that it will continue being a going concern.
Another benefit of having a business insurance policy is that financial losses are minimized. A company is more profitable and is able to take care of the needs of its shareholders and customers if financial losses are reduced. Unexpected changes in the business environment are the ones that mostly cause financial losses. Financial losses are taken care of when an organization is compensated by an insurance company when the loss occurs.
Another benefit that a accrues to a company that has an insurance policy is that the organization will have a good reputation with its customers, shareholders and the general public. An organization that has a business insurance policy is not afraid of the occurrence of risk that leads to losses. It is a good thing for the organization if its shareholders and customers are assured that it will be a going concern.

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